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Safety Information
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Safety Information

You should not experience any particular safety concerns with your new BudKit however some basic plant nutrient precautions should always be followed:

  1. Always wash your hands after using plant nutrients of any type.
  2. Don’t eat, drink or smoke while handling nutrients.
  3. Make sure the nutrient bottles and your made-up nutrient solution is safely stored away from children and animals.
  4. If you use a water bottle to make up your nutrient solution then take care that others know it’s not drinking water!
Original price was: $85.00.Current price is: $75.00.
The Original NYC BudKit. Everything you need to grow your own at home. Exercise Your Right to Home Grow! Includes... Read More...
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BEGINNER INSTRUCTIONS – Read carefully before starting:

Step 1a) Redeem seeds via using the code inside your BudKit lid.

Step 1b) Check the bottom of your BudKit, if the drainage holes are covered by a sticker, remove the sticker now. Remove the BudKit lid and take out the four bottles of nutrients and accessories (pipette, bags, instructions, grow chart).

Step 1c) Decide where to place your BudKit. Your plant will need plenty of sunshine or LED light to grow to its full potential and will grow best if it is not cold. Make sure the BudKit is stable and level, and placed so any overflowing water does not cause damage to your home. Place the lid under the BudKit to act as a saucer or use a dedicated plant saucer if you prefer.

Step 1d) Plant your seed about 3/4 inch deep in the center of your BudKit and lightly cover with soil.

Step 1e) Start by choosing a container for your nutrient solution, you can use a water bottle, bucket, watering can or similar. All nutrient amounts on the grow chart are in mL per 32 oz of water so if you are preparing more or less you will need to adjust accordingly. For example, if your bottle holds a gallon, you’d adjust the amounts by 128 oz / 32 oz = (x4) and so 1 mL per 32 oz becomes 4 mL per gallon. The amount of nutrient solution you will need for each phase of growth will change based on plant size and growing conditions. Always keep your nutrient solution away from children and animals.
Referencing “Week 0 – Seed” on your grow chart, mix up some nutrient solution by adding 1 mL of Root King to 32 oz of water, this is your week 0 nutrient solution. When it’s at room temperature, use some to moisten the soil around the seed.

Step 1f) Keep the seed and soil damp (but not waterlogged) using your nutrient solution until it begins to sprout. This should take between 3-10 days. Keeping your seed moist may take up all or some of your prepared nutrient solution or you may need to mix more the same way.

Warning: Don’t add more nutrient than indicated on the Grow Chart unless you’re an experienced grower, your plants can easily suffer if too much nutrient is added. The amounts you add to your water are very small due to the powerful nature of the nutrients.

Note: Always allow your water to sit for at least six hours before using it so it can warm up to room temperature and to release any chlorine in your water supply. Ideally the pH (acidity/ alkilinity) of your water/ nutrient solution should be close to the range 5.8 to 6.2. Inexpensive pH meters can be purchased online.
Note: Some seeds don’t germinate, if after 10 days your seed hasn’t shown any signs of life, start again with a new seed.

Step 2a) Your seedling will begin to sprout two seed leaves called ‘cotyledons’. This is the “Week 1 – Seedling” phase of growth.

Step 2b) When the first true leaves appear, start using the Grow Chart for “Week 2” to create a specific nutrient solution for that stage of growth.

Step 2c) Use your prepared nutrient solution when needed. Be careful not to overfeed/ overwater your plant. The soil should be allowed to (almost) dry between feeds. As a rule of thumb, your plant should need feed about twice per week, but this will vary based on your specific growing conditions and the size of the plant.

Step 2d) You should dispose of any unused nutrient solution before making the one for your next phase/ period.

Step 2e) Watch out for any discoloration, pests, or other problems. Head online to work out if you’re overfeeding, underfeeding, or if you run into some other issue.

Step 2f) Keep moving to the next phase of growth on your grow chart depending on your plant’s growth. Note: All timings are to be used as guidance only because every plant is different.

Note: Your plant will naturally grow towards the light source. To encourage even growth, carefully rotate your BudKit when needed to help it grow upright and straight.
Warning: Always wash your hands after using any plant nutrients.

Step 3) When ready, harvest, dry and enjoy.

Remember, growing for the first time is a great learning experience. Contact us for help and advice or head online for all the information and help you will ever need.

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Grow Charts

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Original price was: $85.00.Current price is: $75.00.
The Original NYC BudKit. Everything you need to grow your own at home. Exercise Your Right to Home Grow! Includes... Read More...
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